Siemens Multistix 5 urine teststrips - per 50 stuks

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Multistix 5 urine test strips for the determination of glucose, protein, blood, nitrite and leukocytes in urine.
A commonly used and reliable test strip in the general practice!
Content 50 strips.


Multistix® 5 urine test strips – per 50 strips

Urinalysis for:

  • Leukocytes
  • Nitrite
  • Protein
  • Glucose
  • Blood

The Multistix® 5 test from Siemens is a high-quality and widely used urine test.
Even the smallest pathological abnormalities or changes become visible through a color change on the strip.
The Multistix®-5 urine strips from Siemens are known for their high reliability.

What are the benefits of the Multistix 5 urine test strips?

The Multistix® 5 strips can be quickly and easily assessed visually thanks to the clear and bright color scale.
They can be stored at room temperature (about a year).
The result can be read after 1 to 2 minutes.
A very short and flexible test strip for a simple test.
Even if the sample volume is small.

Per 50 pieces.





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